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USAR Scholarships

Refer to CSM Michael Schultz', Command Sergeant Major, Army Reserve's memorandum presented on this website's on the "Scholarships CY 2011" page, and to the Q & A situated below, for guidance on the procedures for applying for scholarships. (CSM USAR Schultz' Memorandum continues in effect for the current Scholarship Program Year.)

The USAR Enlisted Scholarship Program is exclusively administered by the
Army Reserve Association and funded by USAA - at no cost to the soldier!

416th ENCOM presents Wartime Certificate of Commendation for ARA to Col(R) Mike Lind,
ARA Director of Field Support Services 

(The Army Reserve Association prepared this factual statement March, 2011.)

Here's the history of the benefits the Army Reserve Association and United Services Automobile Association have provided to the United States Army Reserve Enlisted soldiers and their dependents during these TWELVE years!

                    Calendar Year 2000      $23,000.00     46 Scholarships
                    Calendar Year 2001      $24,500.00     49 Scholarships
                    Calendar Year 2002      $25,000.00     50 Scholarships
                    Calendar Year 2003      $25,000.00     50 Scholarships
                    Calendar Year 2004      $25,000.00     50 Scholarships
                    Calendar Year 2005      $25,000.00     50 Scholarships
                    Calendar Year 2006      $25,000.00     50 Scholarships
                    Calendar Year 2007      $25,000.00     50 Scholarships
                    Calendar Year 2008      $25,000.00     50 Scholarships
                    Calendar Year 2009      $25,000.00     50 Scholarships
                    Calendar Year 2010      $25,000.00     50 Scholarships
                    Calendar Year 2011      $25,000.00     50 Scholarships (Beginning)
                               Total program:  $297,500.00    595

Your Army Reserve Association (ARA) is very proud to be providing all the continuous wartime administrative support for this great benefit program.

We applaud the United States Army Reserve
and Command Sergeant Major's
who are leading the way!

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On the USAR Enlisted Scholarship Program for CY 2012

Q: Can USAR dependents apply?

A: The ARA Enlisted Scholarship Program is an annual occurrence.

As long
as they're in DEERS as a dependant they can submit an application.

CSM will have to validate it as well, per CSM Schultz' Memorandum.

Please read on this website for more information about the ARA
Scholarship Program.

Also, please read
CSM Michael Schultz, Army Reserve Command Sergeant Major's, signed memorandum on the "Scholarship CY 2011" page on this website. (It continues in effect.)

I hope this information is helpful. Let me know if you have any further


SFC Jennifer Reisert, US Army
Executive NCO to the Army Reserve Command Sergeant Major, Office of the Chief, Army Reserve
2400 Army Pentagon, RM 3E562
Washington, DC 20310-2400
Commercial: 703-695-7547
Fax: 703-697-1891


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