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Scholarships CY 2011

Here is Scholarship guidance for CY 2011.

Be sure to read and follow the guidance given by CSM Schultz in his memorandum presented below.

The USAR Enlisted Scholarship Program is exclusively administered by the
Army Reserve Association and funded by USAA - at no cost to the soldier!
USAR Soldiers at nations Capital

(The Army Reserve Association prepared this factual statement March 2011.)

Here's the history of the benefits the Army Reserve Association and United Services Automobile Association have provided to the United States Army Reserve Enlisted soldiers and their dependents during these TWELVE calendar years!

CY 2000  $23,000   46 Scholarships
CY 2001  $24,500   49 Scholarships
CY 2002  $25,000   50 Scholarships
CY 2003  $25,000   50 Scholarships
CY 2004  $25,000   50 Scholarships
CY 2005  $25,000   50 Scholarships
CY 2006  $25,000   50 Scholarships
CY 2007  $25,000   50 Scholarships
CY 2008  $25,000   50 Scholarships
CY 2009  $25,000   50 Scholarships
CY 2010  $25,000   50 Scholarships
CY 2011  $25,000   50 Scholarships     Total:     $272,500  545

Your Army Reserve Association (ARA) is very proud to be providing all the continuous wartime administrative support for this great benefit program.

HERE IS: CSM Michael Schultz'
3 March 2011 Memorandum, Subject: Army Reserve Association (ARA) Enlisted Scholarship Program for Calendar Year 2011.
ARA Enlisted Scholarship Program Tutorial "How it works!"

Editors Note: This example is for a USAR enlisted soldiers' dependent daughter.  The scenario is the same for an enlisted soldier except he would simply go directly to his next senior NCO to apply.  In every case unit senior NCO's should have their "ear to the ground" and suggest this scholarship to their soldiers who might otherwise qualify but not know about this scholarship program.  The program is a great help and benefit to enlisted soldiers and their dependents.  All who qualify should be given the opportunity to apply.

Subject: The Army Reserve Association Enlisted Scholarship Program "How it works!" (AN EXAMPLE)

Hi Sabrina,
Thank you for your inquiry about the Army Reserve Association (ARA) Enlisted Scholarship Program. I can see that you are a motivated student.

Your dad is correct that USAR dependents like you are eligible to apply for ARA scholarship consideration.

This process initially begins each year with the senior Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) at your dads USAR unit.

Your dad should sit down with this senior NCO at his unit and fill out the application form while verifying each of the required eligibility criteria items.

This completed application is then forwarded up the USAR chain-of-command to the next ranking Command Sergeant Major (CSM) who certifies that all the information is correct.

Then this CSM, along with his own contact information, submits your certified application to SGM Richard Anderson at OCAR who will then coordinate it with us here at the ARA Field Support Center.

Final selections for the 50 scholarship are made for each year in the fall and the $500 scholarship check is prepared and sent back to the coordinating CSM (who is the point of contact - POC.)

This CSM POC then arranges for a unit presentation ceremony (to present the check to the selected recipient) and contacts your dad and you, if you are selected.

This CSM also contacts us here at ARA ( with an invitation to attend the ceremony, as well as CSM (R) Collin Younger with USAA ( who provides the funds for this great USAR Enlisted scholarship benefit.

The check is presented to you (or the selected applicant) at this ceremony. The USAR unit will normally have a photo taken and together with a story, have it published in the unit's newspaper as well as in the local newspaper and uploaded to ARA's Facebook page.

The photo and story are all shared with us here at ARA as well. Often, we get thank you notes from the scholarship recipients.

So Sabrina, have your dad contact his USAR units senior NCO who will coordinate with the next ranking CSM to "get the ball rolling"!

I hope this helps you, and good luck. The Calendar Year 2011 program is already under way.
Semper Promptus (Always at hand)

We applaud the United States Army Reserve and Command Sergeant Major's
who are leading the way!

INFORMATIONAL NOTE:  The following are the enclosures 1 through 3 referenced in CSM Schultz' memorandum above.

They are also available through your USAR units senior NCO as an interactive MS Word form or a "fill-in-the-blanks" form if a typewriter is not available at your location, if deployed.  If needed, they can also contact:

SFC David Beaty
Executive Command Group NCO
Office of the Chief, Army Reserve
2400 Army Pentagon, RM 3E562
Washington, DC 20310-2400
Commercial: 703-695-7547
Fax: 703-697-1891
BB: 703-501-8207
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