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Scholarships 2010

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Subject: RE: 2010 USAA / ARA Scholarships
From: Labay, Lana USAR OCAR ZX

BREAKING UPDATE! (30Mar10:15:23 Hours)
CY 2010 Scholarship POC for CSM Shultz
is now: SGM Richard A. Anderson,

SGM Anderson can help you with forms, coordination, and will collect and review for completeness your recipient nominees applications for this CY 2010 Scholarship Program.


Tue 3/30/2010 4:54 am
To: Multiple USAR Senior NCO's

It is time to execute the 2010 USAA / ARA Scholarship;  USAA/ARA will award 50, $500.00 scholarship checks to Army Reserve Soldier or Dependent.

Please ensure that Soldier/Dependent complete the attached form utilizing the pull down box to select Soldier or Dependent. 

Form must be TYPED.

Several checks for FY  2008 and 2009 were returned due to incorrect address and names misspelled;  the result is an extra cost to USAA/ARA, which must be avoided for FY 2010 Scholarship Program.

No exception:  ensure name is spelled correctly; ssn’s is a MUST;  and enter CSM’s name and address that will receive the Scholarship Check for presentation.

When you, the CSM selects your Soldier, please forward the form to SGM Anderson, here at OCAR, he will forward to COL (ret) Lind.

CSM’s select one Soldier per command, however please keep your alternates in the event a command does not submit a Soldier/Dependent for the scholarship by 1 August.  At that time it will be opened for your alternate nominees.  

Thank you

SGM Labay

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ARA Scholarship Program Coordination for CY 2010 begins a smooth ELEVENTH USAR benefit year again generously funded by USAA!

CSM Michael D. Schultz,
Command Sergeant Major,
United States Army Reserve

Discusses USAR Enlisted Scholarship Program for CY 2010 with Col. Mike Lind, USA, Ret., ARA, Director for Field Support Services, Friday morning,
2 April 2010 in OCAR at the Pentagon, in Washington, D.C.


CY 2010 Scholarship Program Update - March 2010!

ARA has now received $25,000 from USAA for funding the CY 2010 USAR Enlisted Scholarship Program.  We are "set to go" for our eleventh year with this great benefit program for our dedicated Warrior Citizens!

Colonel Lind deposits
USAA's CY 2010 $25,000 in bank! 



CAR and USARC CG LTG Jack Stultz recognized as well!

(Congressman Todd Tiahrt, 4th Dist, KS, on June 26, 2009, cites accomplishments which are recorded and honored on Page E1623 and continued on to Page E1624.) 

June 26, 2009 Congressional Record Continued on to Page E1624.

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